Owning Versus Renting A Steam Cleaner

Frequent cleaning not only extends the life of the carpet, it also minimizes the effects of common allergens. The debris, dust, and grime that remains on the carpet, can be ground into the pile, this makes the fibers of the carpet frayed and it then becomes thin. However, it can be prevented with regular steam cleaning, which will lift those accidental spills and stains, keeping the carpet and flooring looking like new for a longer period of time.

Renting a steam cleaner used to be considered more efficient than owning one but today’s household steam cleaners with their enhanced features, do a really good job. Their performance may not be up to the standard of the commercial steam cleaner but they make up for that in terms of convenience and cost.

You also need to take into account the cost of renting a steam cleaner for just a few hours every time you need to steam clean your carpets, as opposed to the convenience of having your own machine that you can take out of the cupboard as and when you need it.

Owning A Steam Cleaner

The good thing about owning a steam cleaner is that you can steam clean your carpets in your own time and as often as needed. There is no rush to get the job done before the rental time is up, and no need to worry about transporting the rental machine to and from the rental company.

Other advantages are that there is nothing else to pay after the initial outlay for the machine and there is no fear of damaging someone else’s property. Owning a top-rated steam cleaner means that you don’t have to set a day or time to clean your carpets and floors that fits in with the rental agreement.

The benefits of owning a steam cleaner outweigh those of renting one, getting to the stains as they happen instead of having to make an appointment to hire a steam cleaner, is a far greater advantage and gives the homeowner the chance to tackle messy carpets as soon as they happen, so less damage is done. With your own steam cleaner, you can choose your own detergent or just use pure steam, home steam cleaners also tend to leave the carpets dryer than the commercial rental types.

It could be difficult to justify the cost of owning a steam cleaner if you only have a small area to clean, or if you only use a steam cleaner on a few occasions. In that case, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to either purchase an affordable, basic model or to rent one when needed, rather than pay out for an expensive steam cleaner that would probably sit in the cupboard for most of the time.

Owning Versus Renting A Steam Cleaner

Renting A Steam Cleaner

There are many companies that offer a steam cleaner rental service and many outlets where you can rent one from. Most people tend to go on recommendations or testimonials from others who have used that particular service or machine.

If you have never rented before, make sure you know what type of steam cleaner you want to rent and when you want it, as well as what price you want to pay and what terms you need the machine on before you rent. Make sure also, that you know exactly what you are agreeing to as some rental companies may also have additional costs on top of the rental.

Rental periods can vary with different companies, most people prefer to rent a carpet steamer for a day, so you need to consider how many rooms you need to clean and if a day is long enough, otherwise you could face additional rental costs to extend the rental period to finish the job.

However, you also need to make sure you haven’t overestimated the time needed, otherwise you could be paying for the cleaner long after you have finished cleaning.

Whether you rent a machine occasionally or on a regular basis, you still have to factor in the cost of transport, cleaning fluid, additional insurance expenses, and possible extra costs if you run over the time limit. All of this can add up and make it a costly and inconvenient way of keeping your carpets and hard flooring clean.

Rental steam cleaners can be quite bulky and heavy, not only to load and unload into your car when transporting to and from the rental company but also when pushing it around the house. So take into account that the weight of the machine will increase when it’s full of water and detergent.

Quite a lot of rented cleaners do not come with any drying equipment so it can take a good portion of the day for the carpet to dry, sometimes up to 10 hours and longer if your carpets are heavily stained.


Whether you rent or buy a steam cleaner, your main decision should be based on how often you plan to use it. Owning a steam cleaner has more benefits than renting one, having the freedom to clean your flooring in your own time and at your own convenience, far outweighs the rental option, where you have to plan your cleaning around the rental times and you also have to factor in the cost and inconvenience of transport to and from the rental company.

With your own machine, you can enjoy the benefits of regular use, which will minimize allergens, reduce pet smells and keep those accidental spills and stains from discoloring the pile, as well as reducing the wear and tear on carpets caused by everyday dust, debris, and grit. So owning a steam cleaner rather than renting one seems to be the better option, based on cost, convenience and ease of use.

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