Best Vacuum For Pet Hair 2018 (Get Rid of Pet Hair with These)

If you have pets in the home trying to clean up the pet hair from the floor, carpets and furniture is often a nightmare, especially if you have a breed of dog that sheds its coat regularly. One of the best ways to remove pet hair from around the home is to use a powerful vacuum. Cheap, budget vacuums just won’t cut it when it comes to pet hair removal and will often leave pet hair behind because the suction is just not powerful enough to get every last strand.

The best vacuum for pet hair will not only remove the hair but will also freshen up your carpets and remove any pet odors or smells that might be lingering. Not only that, but most of the good vacuums for pet hair will also kill fleas, mites, and other nasty’s that have fallen off your pets. Many manufacturers now realize that there are a lot of pet lovers out there and due to the high demand they have designed and manufactured vacuum cleaners that do a better job of cleaning up after pets. But as with anything, you do get what you pay for and choosing the best vacuum for pet hair is no different, let’s take a closer look at some of the best brands.

​Choosing the Best Brand of Pet Hair Vacuum

Who makes the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair? Well brands such as Hoover, who have been around forever, make some of the best vacuum cleaners in 2018 and have a particular range just for cleaning up pet hair. Dyson, Eureka, Shark, and Bissell also offer some top rated pet hair vacuums that also do a great job and are a favorite with animal lovers.

​Each of these brands has designed vacuum with pets in mind, and most of them come with unique features and attachments to make cleaning up after your pets super easy. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference and your budget as to which is the best value vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair from around your home.

At the bottom of this article, we have picked some pet hair vacuums and put each of them through their paces and chosen the ones that we feel have done the best job at removing pet hair from around the home in 2018.


What to Look For When Buying a Vacuum for Pet Hair

For many buying a vacuum just for pet hair may not be finically viable, so a good all round vacuum for the home is probably a better option. To be honest, this is a choice many homeowners make and investing in just one good vacuum that can tackle almost any cleaning task around the home is a smart choice. With that in mind let’s take a look at some of the must-have features of a general vacuum that can also remove pet hair with ease.


When vacuuming pet hair filtration is a must have, if your vacuum doesn’t have the right filters a lot of dust, mites, and allergens are just going to come out of the vacuum exhaust. Many of the best vacuums for pet hair come with washable filters as well as carbon and HEPA filtration.

Features And Pet Hair Attachments

Not all vacuums are the same, so when shopping for a vacuum that will remove pet hair, you also need to take note of the supplied accessories and features at your disposal. Brands such as Hoover, for example, include a pet hair turbo brush, crevice tools, and easy to clean pet furniture nozzles with rubber blades as well as a carpet height adjustment; these are great features to have when dealing with pet hair around the home.

Noise Level (Don't Scare Your Pets)

This is often overlooked by many buying a new vacuum; a lot of pets can become terrified at the sound of a home vacuum cleaner. Try to find a balance of power vs. noise level, you won’t be able to find a vacuum with no noise, but some are louder than others.

Suction Power

It goes without saying that the suction power of a vacuum plays a significant role in how it will remove pet hair from around the home. Try and choose a vacuum that has enough power to remove hairs and other debris from your floors with ease.


Storing your vacuum is also another factor to take into account when buying a new unit. Many of the new models have folding handles and onboard storage for the attachments and tools making storing the vacuum super easy.

pet hair vacuums

Best Value Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair (Top Picks 2018)

When it comes to the best value vacuum cleaner for pet hair, we have picked out some of our favorites to suit almost every budget. It doesn’t matter if your budget is $50 or over $100 there is a pet vacuum for you below.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum


Budget Friendly Pet Vac!

If you are on a tight budget the best vacuum for pet hair under $50 (at the time of writing) is the Bissell pet hair eraser. This handheld, portable vacuum is a great buy when it comes to cleaning up after pets around the home.

It features a unique pet hair filter and a specialized rubber nozzle that attracts pet hair like a magnet. The Bissell pet hair eraser can also clean up spilled cat litter and dog biscuits and other debris around the home.

Hoover WindTunnel 2 High Capacity Pet Bagless Upright


Pet Vac With The Most Suction

For those of you shopping on a budget of around $100, the best vacuum for pet hair under $100 (at the time of writing) we have found is the Hoover WindTunnel 2 high capacity pet bagless upright. This is a great all-rounder home vacuum that can be your everyday vacuum for general cleaning.

It comes with specialized attachments and pet tools that remove stubborn pet hair and also pet cleaning tools for spot cleaning upholstery and to get into tight crevices. The WindTunnel technology lifts and removes deep down embedded dirt and grime and features a dual filtration system to remove debris and dirt completely before the air is exhausted from out of the vacuum.

The filtration system is partly made up of a reusable filter made with HEPA that traps up to 99.97% of dirt and dust, plus a carbon odor absorbing layer which is great when it comes to getting rid of pet odors around the home.

BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum with Lift-Off Technology


Best Overall (All-Rounder) Pet Fur Vacuum

If you have a larger budget and are looking for the crème de crème when it comes to the best pet hair vacuum, the Bissell Pet bagless upright vacuum is the best vacuum for pet hair under $200 (at the time of writing) that we have found.

One of the great features of the Bissell pet hair vacuum is the “Pet TurboEraser tool” which quickly lifts tracked-in dirt and pet hair from upholstery and stairs using powerful rotating bristles that have been specially designed to pick up and attract pet hair like a magnet.

The multi-level filtration helps to remove allergens, and dust mites and the multi-surface cleaning lets you move from carpets to hardwood flooring with ease.

If you have a lot of pet hair accumulated on your stairs a smart feature of the Bissell Pet Vacuum is the option to release the cylinder of the vacuum turning it into a portable unit that can then be easily carried around the home (a great feature!).​

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