Best USB Vacuum Cleaners Keep Your Keyboard Clean Like A Pro!

Although the keyboard is one of your most important peripherals, it often gets overlooked as far as cleaning is concerned. It is the one thing that is touched most, which means it’s going to get greasy and dirty.
Most people don’t realize that the keyboard they use, whether it’s on a laptop or a desktop computer, needs cleaning on a regular basis, otherwise it can hinder typing and can actually be harmful with hidden germs.

Food is a common problem because many of us like to have a snack or drink while we sit at our computers. The spilled liquid can cause a lot of problems with the keys, just wiping the liquid from the top isn’t enough, and liquid can seep underneath out of sight and create all sorts of issues.

Food crumbs also find their way under the keys, making the keys hard to press down and connect. However, food and drink isn’t the only thing that causes dirt and grease on the keyboard. Believe it or not, our hands can cause dirt and grime to build up over time, this can leave a sticky residue on the keys and leave them looking dull.

It’s easy enough to clean the keyboard depending on what sort of dirt or spillage there is, but the first thing to do when cleaning the keyboard is to unplug it, not only for safety reasons but also because some cleaning methods can do some damage to the keyboard if there is still power to it.

For regular cleaning, the USB vacuum cleaner is the ideal tool. With recent technology, it has evolved from the basic handheld vacuum cleaner using the same basic cleaning techniques.

There are many models on the market but they all work on the same principle. The great thing about owning one of these small vacs is that they can be used on other things as well, like books, desks, and shelving etc.

How Does the USB Vacuum Cleaner Work?

Keeping your keyboard clean with a USB mini vacuum cleaner is quite simple, it uses the same principle as a household vacuum cleaner but requires a much lower power source.

Unlike the basic vacuum cleaner, the middle of the USB cleaner is designed to split apart to provide air to the filter section. A USB cable connects the vacuum cleaner to the computer via a USB port, because the port only provides around 5v, the mini vacuum cleaner has been designed and adjusted to work with such low power.

Made of plastic, these little machines are lightweight, yet solid enough to do the job in hand. Easy to use and small enough to handle, they usually measure around 5 inches in length and roughly 1.5” in both height thickness.

USB vacuum cleaners have a setting switch typically located at the top of the back side, along with a LED on/off light. There are some models that give the option of regulating the suction power but these are usually more expensive.

The underside of the vacuum has a forward facing LED light which illuminates the area directly in front of the vacuum. These machines usually include two attachments: the bristle brush and the keyboard crevice tool.

Laptops need to be connected to a power source or have a full battery for the USB mini vacuum cleaner to work, though this is not the case when used with the desktop computer as these are usually always connected to a power source.


How to use USB Powered Vacuum Cleaners

USB vacuum cleaners vary slightly, depending on which model you choose but they all work in roughly the same way. Before you use the vacuum cleaner on your keyboard, the computer must be turned on otherwise it will not work. If the USB cleaner is plugged into a desktop, then you may prefer to leave it in place when not in use.

Desktop computers have a number of spare ports, mainly at the back of the tower so it won’t be a problem to leave it plugged in.  When using a laptop, it’s a simple process of plugging it into one of the spare ports on the side of the machine and switching on, then unplugging when not in use. Because laptops are portable, it’s advisable to unplug the vacuum cleaner when not in use and store it somewhere safe to save any damage to either the cleaner or the USB lead.

Using the USB vacuum cleaner is as easy as using any of the other handheld cheap vacuum cleaners once it’s plugged into the USB port, just switch on and start to ‘Hoover’ your keyboard.

The main purpose of the cleaner is to remove food debris, dust and any other particles that have fallen between the keys on the keyboard, but it’s also useful for hoovering those hard to reach places around the workspace such as drawers, crevices in and around the desk you work from and the computer and desktop tower itself.

In fact, while it’s plugged in, the USB vacuum cleaner can be used to clean out any area within reach of the USB port.

Vacuuming your keyboard regularly, will keep it free from dust, grime, and debris and stop your workspace from becoming filthy.  The USB mini vacuum cleaner is the ideal tool for the job.

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