Best Steam Mops For The Toughest Cleaning Jobs!

Steam mops have been gaining popularity in recent years with my homeowners looking for super clean, dust-free floors. The best steam mop can actually kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs found on tiled floors, sealed hardwood floors or laminate flooring without the use of any harmful chemicals or cleaning agents, so it's understandable that steam cleaners are a must have, especially if you have young children or pets.

Steam mops are light and compact and look just like a regular mop but with a power cord and water tanks attached the body. The best will have a triangular mop head that's designed to fit into the tight corners of the floor as well as other hard to reach areas and they often come with scented cleaning pads that you can attach to the mop head to leave your house smelling fresh.

However, finding the best steam mop is not as easy as you may think, with all of the different styles, along with various features, choosing a good quality steam mop can leave you scratching your head. Before you go running out to buy a steam mop it’s important to read through some steam mop reviews, then set yourself a budget, and then lastly choose the best brand you can afford.

But that sounds like a lot of hard work, so today is your lucky day because we've done the hard work for you and handpicked some excellent steam mops that are definitely worth a buy.

What is the Best Steam Mop Brand?

When it comes to choosing a steam mop brand you want to get the best you can for the money. If that means spending slightly more than your allocated budget we recommended that you spend that little bit extra to get a better steam mop that's going to last, as with anything in life you do get what you pay for and the same applies when buying a steam mop.

Some of the best brands to choose when it comes to steam mops are Bissell, Hoover, and Shark. All of these brands are well-known and have been manufactured quality cleaning equipment for countless years and in that time have built up a loyal customer base. For those of you who are still unsure of which steam mop to choose we have put some of the best steam mops through their paces and the below steam cleaners have come out on top in our cleaning tests.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Steam Mop

Not all steam mops are the same, and different brands offer different features so when choosing a new steam mop take some of the below points into consideration before you part with your hard-earned money.

1. Weight – Weigh Up Your Options

The weight of the steam mop is often overlooked by buyers but to be honest the weight plays an important role. For example, are you going to be able to maneuver and work with your mop for long periods of time, the heavier the mop the harder it will is to move around.

The main factor that increases the weight of any steam mop is the water tanks. This is where you really have to weigh up your options, do you want to convenience of a large or even twin water tank so that you can clean for longer periods but with the added weight or would you prefer a small single water tank that will allow you to do a quick mop of your kitchen floor?

If you have any mobility problems, you will benefit the most from a lightweight steam mop that can be moved easily.

2. Steam Mop Attachments

There are a large array of different steam mop attachments and add-ons that come with each brand. Some of these attachments will prove really useful while others will just sit gathering dust. There are some multipurpose mops that come with attachments for cleaning curtains, carpets, garment steaming, and even window cleaning with some other small attachments for hard to reach areas.

Some of the best steam mops can also be modified into a handheld steam cleaner which then makes your steam mop a perfect cleaning tool for kitchen countertops, sinks, and bathroom tiles.

3. Mop Head Size And Type

When you dig deeper into your steam mop research you'll most likely notice that not all of the mop heads are the same. Some move freely while others are ridged, some are large and some are small. So depending on what you intend on cleaning the most and the size of your home will all play a role in which type is the best for you.

Small mop heads are great for getting into those hard to reach areas and maneuverable mop heads are the best choice for getting around tight corners or under tables and chairs. It's your call!

4. Does The Cord Length Matter?

Typically the best steam mops will come with at least a 25-foot power cord, with some stretching even further. When it comes to steam mops the rule of thumb is generally the longer the better especially if you have a large home.

5. Indicator Lights

Indicator lights are a must-have on any steam mop and they let you know when your steam mop is ready to be used and if your steam cleaner is overheating or getting low on water in the tanks. Different brands will have more indicator features to allow you to get the best out of your steam mop.

6. Mop Head Cover

There are two basic types of steam mops, you have units that use disposable mop head covers and those that use reusable mop head covers. The disposable mop heads tend to be far more costly over time but offer the added convenience of just mopping and then throwing away. Reusable mop heads are far more cost-effective and are far better for the environment. We recommend reusable.

7. Variable Steam Control

Cheap steam mops tend to have just one steam setting whereas the best steam mops come with an array of different steam settings and even a steam trigger allowing you to control the amount of steam that comes out of the mop.

8. Water Tanks

As we have highlighted already some steam mops come with one or two water tanks but sometimes these water tanks can be removed for easy filling. With removable water tanks you can take them straight over to your kitchen faucet and fill them up or to clean them. removable water tanks are a must-have feature as far as we are concerned and one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

How To Use Steam Mop Correctly - Best Cleaning With Steam Method

Benefits of Using A Steam Mop

You have probably already noticed that steam mops are far more expensive than your regular kitchen mops and you may be wondering if it is a worthwhile investment. Once you use a steam mop you won’t go back to regular mopping, trust us, here are just a few of the benefits of using a steam mop.

More Effective at Cleaning Than A Regular Mop

This kind of goes without saying, a steam mop will clean and sanitize one hundred times better than any regular mop can do. In fact, the best steam mop will kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs, dust mites, and other allergens that might be lurking on your surfaces around the home.

Safe for Your Family (And Pets)

Steam mops typically only use water to do a deep clean and need no harmful chemicals or other cleaning products. Because of this, they are perfectly safe and chemical free making them child safe as well as pet-friendly.

Use on all Cleaning Surfaces

You can use a steam mop on almost any surface such as hardwood floors, tiles, laminate floors and even fabric making them truly a versatile home steam cleaning machine that when partnered with additional attachments can clean almost anything.

Easy Storage

Unlike traditional mops, you don’t have to store additional mop buckets because steam mops are all one-piece. A steam mop can easily be stored in the corner of a cupboard which makes them a great choice for smaller households with limited space.

There are many more benefits of using a steam mop vs. a traditional mop for us to list them all, but we are confident that once you try a steam mop you will never use a regular mop again!

Best Steam Mops Three Top Picks For 2018

Below we have picked out three our favorite mops that are great for all budgets. So if you are looking for a cheap steam mop that does a good job keep on reading; these are the best of the best!

Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop

BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop

For those looking for an affordable steam mop we can’t recommend the Bissell steam mop enough. When it comes to buying a steam mop for under $100 this is a great buy and comes with enough features and attachments to clean every crevice in your home while leaving a fresh, clean scent while you mop.

What makes this steam mop stand out from the competition in this price bracket is the SmartSet steam control, the easy scrubber flip down mop head, and the scented fragrance mop disks, as well as the unique bristles combined with the low-profile mop head to quickly and easily remove stubborn stains in hard to reach places.

The removable water tank is a desirable feature making it super easy to fill and empty the water reservoir. Looking for the best steam mop for the money? This could be it!

Hoover Twin-tank Steam Mop

Hoover Steam Mop TwinTank Steam Cleaner

Priced at around the same as the above Bissell steam mop the rival Hoover alternative is a sleek, modern looking mop that boasts twin water tanks. The two water tanks offer combined cleaning power when it comes to killing germs and harmful bacteria around the home.

One tank releases just steam whilst the other uses Hoover's disinfectant solution with the turn of a dial. This steam cleaning combination eliminates nearly all harmful germs that might be lurking on your floors including Swine Flu (H1N1), Influenza A, Salmonella, E.Coli, Staph, MRSA, and more.

A nice feature of the Hoover steam mop is the ability to clean carpets using the provided attachments and the steam mop head easy moves and rotates to get around furniture. The power indicator lets you know when you are good to go. If you're worried about germs or have small children this is going to be the best buy mop for you. Want to know more about this unit? Read our full Hoover Steam Mop review here.

Dirt Devil Easy Steam Mop

Dirt Devil Steam Cleaner Easy Steam Mop Corded with Bonus Pads

If you're looking for the best steam mop for under $50 look no further because this is a great option. Dirt Devil has been around for years and is widely regarded as one of the best stain removal companies you’ll find, so it's no surprise that they've come out with their own budget steam mop to claim their corner of the market.

This little gem comes with just enough attachments and features to keep your home clean. Using just regular tap water from the faucet it quickly heats up in around 30 seconds and then provides enough steam power to clean an average sized kitchen with ease. The mop head distributes steam evenly across the entire head and leaves floors sanitized and virtually dry. For around $50 this mop is a great buy.

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