Best Grout Steam Cleaner For The Dirtiest Tiles!

If you’ve spent countless hours scrubbing away dirt from the grout in your home with an old toothbrush you know what a tiresome chore it can be. But what if I told you that there's an easier way to clean grout, I’m sure you would throw that old toothbrush away in a heartbeat. Say goodbye to that toothbrush and say hello to a grout steam cleaner.

The best grout steam cleaner is able to make light work of any stubborn dirt and grime on your tiles, they typically come with a base that holds water on wheels with a steam hose that you hold and direct where you want the steam to go. However, there are small handheld steam cleaners for grout that put the power of steam cleaning directly in your hand.

When you start to shop around for a grout steam cleaner you will find that there are many models, shapes, and sizes along with varying price tags in the market. If you're just looking for a grout steam cleaner there are a few options and brands that will do a great job. However, we recommend buying a multipurpose steam cleaner that will let you clean much more than just grout, you’ll be able to steam clean upholstery, floors, and even your bike or AC unit.

If we've confused you, even more, don’t worry below we have gone through some of the best grout steam cleaners that will do a great job on your tiles as well as doubling up to steam clean other areas of your home.

Grout Steam Cleaner Which Brand is Best?

When it comes to grout there really isn’t a steam cleaner that’s sole purpose is just "grout", many of the best steam cleaners are multipurpose units. So bearing that in mind, we have picked out some of the best brands of steam cleaners that came out on top in our grout cleaning tests using their supplied hoses and attachments.

Brands such as McCulloch, Steamfast, Bissell, and Hoover all did a great job at grout cleaning and came out as top rated in our grout steam cleaner reviews. To help you make a final decision we have listed some of the top performers below, we have chosen both handheld (portable) as well as full-sized units, so there should be a grout steam cleaner for you.


What To Look For When Buying A Grout Steam Cleaner

As we have mentioned previously, there really isn’t a steam cleaner just for grout so a multipurpose steam cleaner is going to be the better option as far as we are concerned. Let’s take a look at exactly what you need to look for when buying the best grout steam cleaner.

Does Power And Temperature Matter?

The best steam cleaners not only remove stubborn dirt and grime from almost anything but they also kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. However, if the steam cleaner doesn’t reach a high-enough temperature sanitizing and disinfecting is impossible to do, and removing ground in dirt from grout is just not going to happen.

So bearing that in mind try and buy a steam cleaner that reaches temperatures of 158 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. At these high temperatures, you'll have no problem disinfecting and sanitizing your tiles.

However, even if the manufacturer states that the steam cleaner can reach these high temperatures the steam will cool rapidly from the tank as it flows through the hoses. So either you have to use smaller hoses and nozzles or you need to double check to make sure that the tank heats the water much higher to compensate for the loss of temperature.

Sound confusing? Not really many of the best grout steam cleaner units have already taken this into consideration and will heat up the water tanks accordingly.

Using water to make steam is only one part of a grout steam cleaner, the top-rated grout steam cleaners will also use a combination of steam as well as pressure. This combination is a must if you really want to get those tiles and grout clean, many units will come with specialized hoses that will create the pressure needed but also try and look for a unit that has the highest wattage possible – the more power means more steam cleaning power.

Always Opt For Multiple Attachments

Buying a multipurpose steam cleaner is going to be the best option to give you the biggest return on investment. By doing so you will be able to steam clean any area of your home such as disinfecting upholstery, spot-treating your carpet, releasing wrinkles from clothes or even steam cleaning your car or bike.

Many of the best steam cleaners come with a full set of attachments and hoses that make light-work of dirt in the grout. Such as scrubbing brushes and detail nozzles as well as extension rods which allow you to reach the uppermost crevices of your tiled shower enclosure or bathroom wall. In fact, out of all the grout steam cleaners we reviewed, all of them had some sort of tool made for cleaning grout.

Even if grout cleaning is your main priority at the moment there will be times when you will need to steam clean other parts of your home and having a steam cleaner on hand is far cheaper than having to rent one for a small job.

Save Time With A Larger Tank

When choosing a new steam cleaner you have to option of choosing a portable steam cleaner of a full sized steam cleaner, depending on how much tiling you have in your home. Obviously, a portable handheld steamer is not going to produce steam as long as a full-sized unit but if you only plan on cleaning grout in your bathroom this size will probably be good enough. However, if you have tiled floors or tiled walls in your kitchen a full-sized steam cleaner is going to be the better choice.

The larger water tank means that you will be able to work continuously for roughly an hour before having to refill the water reservoir when compared to only 10 to 12 minutes with a small handheld steam cleaner.

Nice-To-Have Bonus Features

Every steam cleaner manufacture tries to add as many bells and whistles to their units to try and out-do the competition. Many of these added features and attachments will rarely get used.

There are however some desirable features that you may want to consider such as an on-demand steam nozzle combined with a locking switch that will allow you to produce continuous steam without having to keep your hand on the trigger.

Longer power cords are always beneficial especially if you are steam cleaning a large room as well as wheels making the unit more mobile which when you have a full tank of water really makes a difference. Also, things like flexible hoses make getting behind toilets and along a backsplash and other tight spaces a breeze.

Grout Steam Cleaner Rental vs. Buying

This is often a question many ask – is it worth buying a steam cleaner or should I choose a grout steam cleaner rental? With many of the best grout steam cleaners priced anywhere from $50 to $100, there is no real reason (as far as we are concerned) why you should not decide to buy one. Compare that with the price of renting a steam cleaner over a 12 month period and you will see how much money you will be saving.

Not only that but having your own steam cleaner is far more convenient, there is no need to call and book and then wait for it to be delivered you can simply pull out the steam cleaner whenever you want doing quick spot steam cleaning around the home if you own it.


Best Grout Steam Cleaners (Top Picks For 2018)

In our grout steam cleaner reviews, we decided to pick out two of the best grout steam cleaners, one handheld unit, and one full-sized unit. So if you're shopping for either the below units came out on top of our grout and tile cleaning tests.

McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner


The Best Grout Steamer For The Money

When it came to value as well as heavy duty grout and tile cleaning the McCulloch steam cleaner came out on top. It made light work of not only tiles and grout but also upholstery, flooring and even car engine cleaning, this truly is a versatile, multipurpose steam cleaner that can be used for any cleaning jobs around the home.

This heavy duty steam cleaner boasts 1500 watts of steaming power and along with the 50-ounce water tank can produce up to 45 minutes of continuous steam. It comes will a set of over 10 attachments and accessories with a couple that were perfect for grout and tiles.

Bissell Variety Steam Surface Cleaners


Best Handheld Grout Steam Cleaner

There were two handheld grout steam cleaners that we very close to being the best. It was a tossup between the Hoover portable steamer and the Bissell unit, it was close but the Bissell unit took the spot. This was mainly due to the price difference with the Bissell unit coming in at nearly half the price.

The Bissell variety steam surface cleaner comes with a nice set of attachments with 3 versatile brushes that are great for tiles and grout. And we found that it was one of the easiest to operate, simply press the trigger to activate steam and away you go!

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