10 Places I Bet You’re Forgetting To Vacuum

We all want to live in a clean and tidy home, with lovely fresh scents permeating the air. However, for most of us, this means we actually have to do some housework. When cleaning, it’s so easy to just focus on the parts that you normally see, especially if you have furniture you haven’t moved for 10 years. However, sometimes a little more effort is needed.

Have you ever wondered why a layer of dust seems to settle as soon as you put your polish back in the cupboard? Well, you might just find the answer here. If you’re forgetting to vacuum certain spots in your home, then the dust will just spread to other areas, leaving you with the duster surgically attached to your hands.

10 Places You Probably Never Knew Needed Vacuuming!

Have a look at these 10 places people commonly forget to vacuum and finally see the error of your ways.

1. Shades and Blinds

Unfortunately, your window dressings are not immune to accumulations of dust, even if it’s not as visible as other places. Leaving dust on your shades and blinds is one of the worst things you can do because the air flow from the window will blow the dust around the rest of your room. Simply vacuuming up and down the blinds is a really simple way to eliminate this problem.

2. Windowsills

Your windowsill will also pick up an accumulation of dust, as well as pollen and other contaminants from outside. This can be even more of a problem if you or anyone in your household suffers from allergies. Again, running your best vacuum over the windowsill every now and then will ensure that the air coming into your home is fresh and clean.

3. Mattresses

As mattresses are primarily stationary objects they will accumulate dust over time. Especially from underneath where there is no bedding as protection. Every few months you should consider flipping your mattress just to give it a freshen up. If you have an upholstery attachment with your vacuum then this task will be even easier.

4. Foam Pillows

Although foam pillows are definitely not washing machine friendly, this doesn’t mean that you get away with not giving them a good clean. Your vacuum cleaner really is your best friend here. You should set your vacuum to the lowest suction level and gently cover both sides of the pillow to remove any trapped dust.

5. Computer Keyboard

The amount of dirt and grime that builds up on a computer keyboard just doesn’t even bear thinking about. You probably, give the keyboard a quick wipe down every now and again, but this doesn’t get rid of the dirt that builds up in the cracks. To get rid of this you need to use your trusty best vacuum cleaner.

6. Drawers

Drawers are tricky ones to clean, and most of the time they’re full so it’s not something you would normally think about. But they are definitely still susceptible to dust. To prevent sucking up your favorite top, stretch a thin sock over the nozzle to gather the dust without catching anything else.

7. Speakers

The heat and static generated from electronic devices are like a siren call to dust. The space behind your entertainment system where you hide all your wires from view probably holds more dust than it does wires. Gently vacuum around all the cords and electronics including the actual speaker ducts to get rid of the dust. Make sure to switch everything off first though!

8. Heating Ducts and Air Conditioning Vents

This is one of the most vital places in your entire home to vacuum. Heating ducts and air conditioning vents are responsible for dispersing air throughout your home, and if the actual ducts themselves are full of dust, you will end up with dusty air.

9. Brooms

Sometimes we forget that the tools we use to clean get dirty too, and the humble broom has the worst luck possible. Brooms are meant to pick up dirt and dust, but no matter how well you think you’ve disposed of it there will definitely be some residue, so just vacuum it up.

10. Fridge Coils

Dusty coils should be cleaned at least once a season. If you have one, you should use the long and skinny crevice tool to get in the gaps or better still use one of the many best handheld vacuum cleaners.

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